Access is Alive and Kicking

I am happy to report that is real evidence that Access is considered a viable product by Microsoft and that resources are being devoted to improving and enhancing Access. The first piece of evidence is that Access has been added to Official Office 365 Roadmap site. This site is about planned updates for Office 365 subscribers. For the first time Access is now included in the list of apps. Check out this site, Click on the Filters tab and there is Access.

The second piece of evidence is that the development team listened to the feedback given at And support for dbf files is being restored to Access 2016. This information is detailed in the Acess section of the Office Blogs found here:

There appears to be exciting times on the horizon for Access fans. Enhancement are being looked at for the desktop version that will extend is scope and reach. I hope to have more reports for you in the not too distant future. Keep tuned in.



  1. Greetings Scott. I hope MS Access continues to see development. I’m a novice to Access and I have hit a wall, so to speak, with how best to continue my project. I’m trying to set up email using data from Access. So far, MS Access has done everything I have asked of it, and the Access community has answered every question I’ve had, until now.

    Are you in a position to answer a couple questions? I’ve seen your name pop up on the Microsoft Forums. Any help, even if it’s toward another resource, would be appreciated.

  2. Sure, I would suggest that you post in the Access forum at http:\\ That site is better suited to Q&A than here. I will see the question and respond. Or you can post at either or where there are many people who may be able to help.

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