Microsoft expands availability of Access

Microsoft announced yesterday (11/4) that Access will now be included in Office 365 Business and Business Premium packages. Office Blog In doing so, Microsoft is recognizing the importance of capturing and analyzing data to businesses. They are promoting Access as a viable tool for any business to deal with the value of the data they collect in the course of doing business.

Along with this announcement, MSFT also announced new data connections for Access. The ability to combine data from multiple sources has always been one of Access’ biggest strengths and it will now get stronger.

However, in doing this MSFT is setting up a tiered structure for Access. The ability to create applications that link to these new sources will only be in the E3, E5 and Pro Plus versions. But all versions will be able to use apps created in the higher versions.

This is all part of exciting news coming from the Access development team. We can expect more news in the coming months as Access continues to be developed.

Also recently announced is the opening of Power Apps. Power Apps can help you build WEB and Mobile apps fairly easily. MSFT sees this as new way to capture and present data. They are worth checking out.


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