The Access desktop is NOT dead!

Well, dead is not the right word. The Access desktop was never dead, it was just that Microsoft had decided not to allocate resources to further enhance it. Access desktop was and remains a vibrant and viable platform for developing database applications. Well that has changed! I’m at the annual MVP summit and we were given one major piece of information that I couldn’t wait to share. After several years of development focusing almost solely on creating Access WEB Apps, things are swinging back. Information gathered by Microsoft through several avenues (Telemetry, user feedback, customer interaction etc.) has shown them that most Access users are still using the desktop without much in the way of plans to migrate.

Because of this, Microsoft has decided to, again, invest resources into enhancing the desktop experience. While I can’t discuss what is being looked at, I can pass along that enhancements are being considered.

One of the avenues that Microsoft is using to gather information on what features add/enhance is the new User Voice feedback site at This site allows you to give feedback and vote on the features you want. So this is your chance to let the Access team let me know what features mean the most to you.

I will share with you my list of features that I think should be at the head of the list. Please note these are only my list and I cannot state whether they are or will be considered for future enhancements.

Better Security: Increased levels of security through the front end to the back end.

Connect to the Cloud: Easier, but more secure ways to connect to data stored in the “Cloud”.

Better life cycle management of web apps: Right now it is difficult to manage development of WEB apps in a way similar that can be done with desktop apps.

Enhancements to macro language: Allow for looping and more control of other objects.

Hopefully we will see these and other enhancements in future versions.



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